San Antonio Pediatric Eye Doctor

San Antonio Pediatric Eye Doctor

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Are you looking for an excellent pediatric eye doctor who can provide your child will comprehensive eye exams? If so, you will want to bring your child to our vision practice, Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D., to see our top-notch San Antonio pediatric eye doctor, Dr. Dawn Rakich.

At our office, our San Antonio pediatric eye doctor provides children with comprehensive pediatric vision testing to make sure they are seeing clearly and that they do not have any eye diseases or developmental eye problems. As with many medical conditions, the sooner certain pediatric vision problems are detected, the easier it is to have them treated and corrected. Our pediatric vision testing will completely examine three important areas of a child’s vision. First your child’s visual acuity will be tested to see if they have any refractive eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Their eye health will also be screened for many different eye diseases. Second, their visual efficiency skills will be checked which include eye focusing, teaming, and tracking skills. Thirdly, visual information processing skills will be checked. These skills allow a child to recognize and discriminate visual stimuli, and to interpret them correctly based on previous experience. Whenever our pediatric eye doctor performs a vision exam, these three areas of vision are always in mind. During our comprehensive eye exam your child’s visual acuity will be tested to make sure that they can see objects clearly. Any refractive errors will be measured and can be corrected with a lens prescription. Eye health problems will be screened for any eye diseases or congenital defects. Our eye doctor will also make sure that your child can easily follow an object as it moves, or easily read the printed word. Accurate eye teaming skills will be tested; they are particularly important to allow for accurate depth perception. If any vision problems are detected they should be treated early to avoid permanent vision loss.

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