Eye Emergency Care San Antonio

Eye Emergency Care San Antonio

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Accidents happen. Sometimes we can brush them off…Other times they result in eye trauma—something you’ll want to get taken care of, pronto. Ignoring this injury is running a serious risk on the health of your eye and vision. So don’t waste time.. Not a single a single second. Take charge and reach out to Dr. Dawn Rakich’s office for eye emergency care San Antonio.

In case you didn’t know, eye injuries run the gamut from something minor (soapy eyes), to something way more serious—permanently damaging vision or the eyes. These oops moments can happen at any time, at any place: at home, at work, or playing sports. Some of the most common eye injuries include: chemical exposures/burns, traumatic iritis, subconjunctival hemorrhage, corneal abrasions, hyphemas/orbital blowout fractures. The bottom line is, you shouldn’t sit at home trying to self-diagnose. It’s important to get it taken care of with the utmost urgency. For that you’ll want to see a professional who can properly assess, evaluate, and treat the problem. You won’t meet a better one than Dr. Dawn Rakich. There you’ll find a top-notch professionals who can get your eyes and vision back in tip-top condition. Sound good to you? Our patients certainly think so. So if you’re sitting on the couch wondering what you should do, well the answer is right there—do something about the problem. And by doing something, we mean swing by for eye emergency care San Antonio.

Taking the first step is a simple, easy matter. Contact us. Via phone or e-mail, however you prefer…just do it. Our staff…they’re cool people. Cool enough to assist with scheduling the appointment with Dr. Dawn Rakich. Step through our doors and be on the way to eye emergency care San Antonio. No matter what the damage, we’ve got you covered.

Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D.
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San Antonio, Texas 78213
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