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Eye surgery co-management in San Antonio

Getting any type of San Antonio eye surgery such as cataract or refractive surgery can benefit the right patient. An experienced optometrist like Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D, who is the primary eye care provider, participates in surgery co-management. You would first need to see your optometrist for an evaluation if you’re considering surgery.

It’s very important that patients see an experienced doctor if they’re seriously considering eye surgery. While optometrists would not perform the patient’s cataract or refractive San Antonio eye surgery, they would play an important role in the cataract and refraction surgery co-management. The first step in the process is to see an experienced optometrist for an eye surgery consultation and evaluation. This must happen before you could schedule the surgery. The consultation is extremely important, and it will determine if the surgery is the best treatment option for the patient. The optometrist will thoroughly discuss the considered procedure with the patient and will inform and educate the patient to ensure that the patient is making an informed decision. The eye doctor needs to inform the patient and ensure that the patient understands the following: all of the available procedure options and about the risks and complications of each of these options. According to the American Optometric Association, patient education is very important and as the primary provider, the optometrist plays a key role in in the process. These important factors include: realistic expectations of the surgery, including the costs, risks vs. benefits & expected benefits, alternative corrections such as contact lenses, spectacles and other surgical procedures, typical symptoms and side effects, risks for complications, presbyopia, the intraoperative role of the patient and post-operative eye care. If the patient decides to get the surgery, the optometrist will see the patient before the surgery for preparation purposes and will have provide the follow-up care after the surgery has been done.

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