Optometrist in San Antonio

Optometrist in San Antonio

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Eye testing in San Antonio

Early treatment and good eye care can help ward off eye disease problems and progressive eyesight issues that can cause vision loss. Annual eye exams are one of the best tools in helping maintain healthy eyes. There are certain eye diseases and conditions that an eye exam is designed to catch before they progress over time. At the offices of Dr. Dawn Rakich, OD, our optometrist in San Antonio can perform eye testing in a relaxed environment for you.

Patients can schedule their first vision test with us either through our website, or by calling our offices. Vision testing should be affordable and easy, and that’s a commitment that we make every time a patient makes an appointment at our offices. Your vision test will include a comprehensive exam that checks the eyes for proper vision, eye diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts, and good, healthy eye function. If your vision test shows that you need glasses, our optometrist in San Antonio can create a prescription for you right here on site. We also offer contact lenses and perform eye exams for kids. Children can also be affected by vision problems at a young age and should have their vision checked. They should have an eye exam at the age of 3 and again once before they enter school. Developing eyes are recommended to be checked every year annually to ensure your child can learn properly. Undetected vision problems can harm their progress academically. We will assess your child’s vision during their exam and determine if their vision is developing normally.

Our friendly staff is also here to help guide you through each eye procedure, answer questions and schedule appointments as well if needed. Our optometrist in San Antonio places a focus on diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions and providing our patients with friendly and compassionate eye care.

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