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Optical goods in San Antonio

San Antonio eye shop
San Antonio eye shop

Our San Antonio eye shop offers full service, with an array of optical goods and accessories available, from eyeglasses to contact lenses, including special lenses and cleaning products and maintenance items. Here at the office of Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D., our priority is making sure that you have everything you need to improve your vision and protect your eyes.

A pair of eyeglasses, of course, consists of the lenses to improve your vision, and the frames to go around them. In addition to holding your corrective prescription, the lenses you get from our San Antonio eye shop can be had with a variety of benefits, including the resistance to scratches and breakage of polycarbonate, polarized and photochromic as well as mirrored coatings, tinted lenses, and high index, which allows us to put your strong prescription in a thin frame by reducing the thickness of the lens required. That’s a sampling, but we have more. Our San Antonio eye shop will place those lenses inside designer brand frames from names like Tom Ford, Gucci, Silhouette, Costa, Nike, and Jones New York, among others. If you prefer contact lenses, well you can browse through varieties in both soft and hard (also called rigid or gas-permeable). That’s not all, though. We offer contacts to correct astigmatism, keratoconus, and for treating dry eyes, as well as to address color blindness, which may not seem like a big problem, but can be make or break in many careers including law enforcement, airline pilot, and firefighter. We are also proud to represent ChromaGen Lenses, the patented and FDA-cleared technology for addressing reading problems and dyslexia. And if you don’t see something listed above, just ask. We probably have it or can get it.

For an eye exam, please call us San Antonio eye shop to schedule one first. We will then help you to determine the right optical products for your needs and your preferences.

2267NW Military Highway Suite 106
San Antonio, Texas
(210) 714-2882

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