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Finding the right eyeglasses for your face shape in San Antonio

San Antonio eyeglasses
San Antonio eyeglasses

When you get a pair of our San Antonio eyeglasses, of course your top priority is to improve your vision. That much is a given. But thanks to the outstanding selection of designer frames we are pleased to offer here at the office of Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D., you can be sure that you will also look fantastic. Your personal taste is the overriding factor in making your choice, but it is also important to consider your face shape. Complimenting it with the right frames will enhance your appearance to the highest degree possible.

We start by making sure that we carry the finest names in designer eyewear. Just a few of the trusted and envied brands that you can choose from with our San Antonio eyeglasses are Modo, Tory Burch, Chesterfield, Nike Vision, Gucci, and Tom Ford. We have others. And among them are a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Selecting a shape that is right for your face is key to how great they are going to look when you put them on. Fortunately, we are experts at this, and will assist you in finding the perfect ones to suit your needs and preferences. Everyone’s face can be described as being part of one out of six basic types: square, oval, oblong, round, diamond, and heart. Don’t be fooled into trying to necessarily match the same shape of glasses to the shape of your face. Square frames, for example, do not look good on a square face. You’ll be able to make your decision and when it comes down to it, you will find that by getting the right shape in our San Antonio eyeglasses, you will be much happier with them both now, and in the long run.

Schedule an appointment for an eye exam to begin the process of getting our San Antonio eyeglasses. Contact us today and we will book you.

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