Optometrist in San Antonio Texas

Eye testing in San Antonio Texas

Optometrist in San Antonio Texas

Optometrist in San Antonio Texas

How is your vision right now? Unless it’s as sharp and clear as possible at all distances, you may be able to benefit from a new or updated pair of corrective lenses, which can be determined with our eye testing. And just as important, you will be screened for common eye diseases, which is important because they don’t have any noticeable symptoms in their early stages.

With a variety of tests including reading from an eye chart, a refraction test, and a visual field test, our optometrist in San Antonio Texas can zero in on whether you need glasses or contacts, and if so, the strength of the prescription that is ideal for you. If you have current glasses or contacts, be sure to bring them with you so that you can be tested with and without them. Your vision requirements are in a constant state of changing, and what was right for you last year might not be anymore. This is why we recommend that you come in once per year for our eye testing. The idea of an eye disease causing you to lose your vision to any degree is a scary proposition. Likewise, you don’t want to experience any eye pain or other symptoms of physical damage to your eyes. Unfortunately, with cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, the possibility exists that the disease will form and progress without any outward signs. By the time you notice a concern, it is already in an advanced stage. The solution is an annual visit to our optometrist in San Antonio Texas. Early detection is closely associated with the best outcomes in any disease, and that definitely includes those of the eye.

It’s a simple matter for our optometrist in San Antonio Texas to conduct a complete eye exam. Why not call us right now and schedule one?

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