Glaucoma Testing in San Antonio

Eye testing for glaucoma in San Antonio

Glaucoma testing in San Antonio

Glaucoma testing in San Antonio

If you are looking for an eye doctor who can provide you with testing for glaucoma and other eye diseases, you should visit us at our optometry practice, Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D. Our optometrist will provide you with glaucoma testing in San Antonio during our comprehensive eye exam.

Glaucoma testing in San Antonio is very important because glaucoma is a disease which shows no symptoms in the early stages. For this reason, there are many people currently walking around who do not even realize that they have this disease. Our optometrist, Dr. Dawn Rakich, is highly experienced in providing patients with exemplary eye care. Dr. Rakich has been providing optometry care since 1987 and has certifications as both a Therapeutic Optometrist and a Glaucoma Specialist. If you are looking for an optometrist to screen your eyes for glaucoma or manager glaucoma treatment, you can do no better than to be seen by our optometrist who is a true expert in the field of glaucoma. During our comprehensive eye exams, our eye doctor will screen your eyes for many different eye diseases and disorders. During our dilated eye exam which is part of our regular eye exam, our eye doctor will be able to examine the interior of your eyes, including the retina and macula at the back of the eye. Our eye doctor also does refraction screenings for glasses and contact lenses, and does glaucoma pressure testing as well. If it is determined that you do have the early stages of glaucoma, our optometrist will be able to manage your glaucoma by providing you with a prescription for medicated eye drops which will be self-administered by you on a daily basis. These eye drops should be effective in keeping your eye pressure low, so that the glaucoma does not advance and cause permanent damage to the optic nerve. You will then be advised to visit our practice for periodic screening, as outlined by our eye doctor.

For an appointment to see our eye doctor for glaucoma testing in San Antonio, or other types of vision care, contact us today.

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