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Refractive surgery in San Antonio

San Antonio eye surgeon
San Antonio eye surgeon

If you are thinking about having some type of refractive surgery to improve your vision, you should visit our vision practice, Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D. Our optometrist, Dr. Dawn Rakich, will be able to co-manage your refractive surgery both before and after it is performed by your San Antonio eye surgeon.

Dr. Rakich herself is very familiar with refractive surgery. She underwent LASIK surgery for vision correction and knows firsthand all about its benefits. Today, due to great advances in techniques and technology used to perform refractive surgery, these treatments are now very popular and safe for our patients. Our optometrist is very pleased to be able to co-manage all current refractive surgeries to help ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure, and to make sure that you enjoy a complete and easy recovery. Among the different types of refractive surgeries that our optometrist manages are: LASIK; PRK; Intacs; Crystalens; CK; and VISIAN Implantable Contact Lenses. In order to benefit from these surgeries, it is important that you are first prequalified for the surgery before your San Antonio eye surgeon proceeds. This is because if you are not a good candidate for the surgery for some reason, the eye surgery may not be successful. With LASIK surgery, a poor candidate may even find that his or her eyesight has worsened due to the procedure. This is why it is so important that you are determined to be a qualified patient before any type of refractive surgery is performed. Our optometrist will be able to give you a thorough exam, and knows exactly how to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for your refractive procedure.

Our optometrist will be happy to work with you and your San Antonio eye surgeon to make sure that your refractive surgery is completely successful, and provides you with the results you are looking for.

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