Glaucoma Doctor in San Antonio

Eye Testing for Glaucoma in San Antonio

Glaucoma Doctor in San Antonio

Glaucoma Doctor in San Antonio

Taking care of your eye health is absolutely essential, especially if you happen to be at risk for any particular diseases or conditions. When it comes to eye disease, many of these conditions can cause vision damage or even vision loss because they are not caught as early as possible. Early detection is key when it comes to treating eye diseases, and this is especially the case when it comes to conditions like glaucoma. With the help of our glaucoma doctor in San Antonio, Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D., you can easily get the comprehensive care that you need including eye testing for glaucoma as well as any treatments that you might require.

Glaucoma happens to be the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Glaucoma is a condition that results from increased eye pressure within the eye itself. If fluid is not being properly drained from your eyes, it will well up and increase the pressure found in your eye. As your eye pressure increases over a period of time, this will also put pressure on the optic nerve which is responsible for your ability to see. In some cases, glaucoma can cause vision damage, but in worst case scenario is it can cause complete vision loss. Unfortunately, glaucoma does not usually exhibit any obvious signs or symptoms until the vision damage, or even vision loss, has already occurred. However, glaucoma can be easily identified during the course of a comprehensive eye exam which is why annual exams are so highly recommended for people of all ages. Here with Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D. our glaucoma doctor in San Antonio, you can get the comprehensive care that you need. Whether you are coming in for routine eye testing in order to identify any early signs or symptoms of glaucoma or whether you already have his condition and needs treatment, Dr. Rakich here to provide you with whatever you need.

It is important that glaucoma is caught and treated as early on as possible, otherwise you might end up losing your vision or some degree of your eyesight. With the help of our glaucoma doctor in San Antonio, Dr. Dawn Rakich, O.D., your eye health to me properly monitored and your vision can be properly restored and preserved.

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