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San Antonio refractive surgeon
San Antonio refractive surgeon

If you are thinking about having refractive surgery to improve your vision, you should find an optometrist who can help screen you for refractive surgery, and let you know if you will be a good candidate for it. Then, when you need a good San Antonio refractive surgeon, our optometrist will also be able to help you find the best surgeon in the area to meet your surgical requirements.

At our optometrist office, Dr. Dawn Rakich provides compassionate and personalized eye care to patients in Castle Hills and the surrounding areas. When people are interested in learning more about refractive surgery, and to get a referral for a good San Antonio refractive surgeon, they like to come to her for her expertise and advice. Dr. Dawn is an expert in working as a co-manager in the refractive surgery process.

Dr. Rakich is a strong proponent of refractive surgery. She herself underwent LASIK to correct her own problems with nearsightedness and astigmatism. However, she knows that not everyone is a good candidate for this surgery, and if you undergo the surgery without being a good candidate it can result in less than desirable results. At our practice. Dr. Rakich co-manages all current refractive surgeries including: LASIK; PRK; Intacs; Crystalens; CK and VISIAN Implantable Contact Lens. Dr. Rakich will meet with you and see if you will benefit from surgery by a San Antonio refractive surgeon. She will ask you many questions about your medial history. She will also ask questions about your eye care, as well as give you a thorough eye exam. Dr. Rakich will also take many eye measurements to make sure that your eye structure will adapt and respond well to the surgery. After this thorough exam, Dr. Rakich will let you know about her findings, as well as let you know if you qualify for the procedure. If you do not qualify for the procedure you should not want to have it, as you visual health may be at stake. However, should you qualify for the surgery, Dr. Rakich will discuss surgical options with you and help you find the surgeon who will best fit your needs. Dr. Rakich will then be able to be a partner in your pre and post-surgical care to help ensure optimal results. If you would like an appointment with Dr. Rakich regarding co-management of refractive surgery, contact our office today.

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